Run – Tuesday 3 May

Out early for the usual Tuesday morning run. Week three of the training plan for triathlons in the Summer. This morning was run two lampposts, walk 1 lamppost for 8 mins x 2 and ten mins warm up and warm down (jogging). We started this running fitness journey three weeks ago and in that time we have gone from finding the short run walk sessions to be devastating in terms of realisation that the four months I took off from running I lost so much fitness to this morning where everything felt okay. 

I am, by no means, even close to being where I want to be at but this morning‘s run was extremely encouraging. It was yet again another run walk session however it was longer and we managed 5K. The intervals felt less traumatic and all the indications are that my form felt better and my heart rate stayed lower and the pace at which I ran those intervals was more comfortable.

Consistency is the key and starting from a base level of almost starting from scratch has helped.

The data is not important, however using it to benchmark against past running has demonstrated that there is improvement. Running is my least favourite of the three disciplines but I have not felt in trepidation from going out early and running the sessions over the last three weeks. I’ve actually (shhh don’t tell anyone) enjoyed these runs. We go again on Thursday, gradually building these runs up every week and incrementally increasing the distance and times of the intervals.

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