2020 thoughts and plans for 2021

2020 has been… well interesting. It’s not been great and we all had such great hopes for it at the end of 2019. All plans soon came crashing down when it became apparent that we all needed to really take this strange virus serious. Covid-19 came into our world in March 2020 and like a guest you don’t want to stay with you it just doesn’t seem to want to go! Like Brexit, it’s been the news article we have all really wanted to avoid listening to. A lot of people have been so badly affected by the pandemic and tragically a lot of people have lost their lives. Mental health has been a subject that we all recognise as a consequence of the pandemic but the true cost of the pandemic will be the affect it has had on people’s mental health. I have experienced it in my own family and in the future it will have wrecked lives of my friends. I just hope we are on our way out of this, it doesn’t feel like it but we can all hope!

So, what did I achieve in 2020 despite of it all. Here is my summary:

Having lost the use of a gym and swimming pool, I did home out workouts (a lot) and swam in a lake twice a week. I found not being able to swim affected me more than I thought it would.

I worked from home all the time, spending 20+ hours a week in conference / video calls on average. I don’t think that working from home and being on conference calls all the time is very healthy and the recent lock down really has impacted my ability to sleep properly. I only went to the office once or twice a week but I realise that small amount of time out of the house is so so important.

I trained hard, got a new triathlon coach who is brilliant and I have progressed (I think so anyway) so much under her coaching.

I started a Masters in Applied Exercise Physiology in September, I passed my first module in November. The Masters has answered so many questions for me about my training and how to get the best out of myself and others physiologically. This is a good grounding for a future in coaching. I look forward to the rest of the course.

Not being able to take part in any races during 2020 was tough, nothing really in comparison to what some people have had to endure but it was hard. I did take part in some virtual events but they weren’t the same as actually being in transition waiting to put on the wetsuit.

Some things we will all no doubt remember about 2020:

  • Video calls, so many video calls!
  • Shaking hands became odd (I was never a fan anyway);
  • Face coverings became a routine (for most);
  • Queueing for the supermarket became a thing, shortage of toilet rolls and pasta was a thing too;
  • U-turns by HM Government become a weekly event;
  • Staying at home, eating out to help out/ then not!
  • Tiers became a defining factor of regions;
  • Home work outs;
  • Video call quizzes.

So what are my goals for 2021:

  • Above all, I hope we get through this pandemic and the vaccine gets rolled out quickly to avoid any more serious hospitalisations or worse. I hope we can return to normality and be able to see friends and family in person. I miss people!
  • Finish my first year on a two year masters course.
  • Training:
    • 5km outside run PB;
    • Brighton Half Marathon;
    • 2 x Standard Triathlons (1.5km swim, 40/45km bike, 10km run);
    • Ironman 70.3 (1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21km run;
    • Aquabike (1.9km swim and 60km bike).
  • Starting my Youtube channel linking my studies to the training I do for triathlon.

I wish you all the very best for 2021 and let’s put 2020 firmly behind us. I very much am very grateful to everyone that has joined in my experiences during 2020 and before and the community and help I have received from those I have met through my social media. I hope we can share our experiences further in the future.

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