Building Run Confidence

Run – 21 June 2020

It would’ve been easy to have not run this morning given the rain and high winds at 7.30am. I ran 7km without looking at my Garmin and just running to feel. This is my second time of doing this and its helping me cope with getting back into running outside where I have had issues with run confidence having spent most of my time in lockdown running on a treadmill.

First half of the first 5K was horrible, wet and a terrible headwind and was slow. Following the turn it felt like my legs were released from shackles and I was able to step up the pace a little bit despite the rain. Then we turned again to finish off the last 2km back into the headwind and up the hill for what would be my slowest kilometre of the run. I finished the run, the kilometres are in the bag and I’m glad I got it done outside and not just retreated to the treadmill again.

I spent most of lockdown running on the treadmill and rebuilding my run confident outside and I have been convincing myself that the pace is not important to me. I’m starting from the beginning again and hopefully will get back to where I was a year ago by getting consistent runs outside in all weathers.

I’m guilty of overthinking my runs, thinking about what people think of my running on Strava but I’m learning to ignore and just put in the miles and the performance will increase. I felt strong in the last two runs and I will get better and my endurance is there, I just need to build my running legs and pace from scratch.

I finished the run today with a hill rep up a steep hill to prove to myself I had more in the legs.

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