April Training 2020

April was a good month for training. 500km of cycling and 78km of running. Obviously due to the pandemic there was no swimming training which I miss immensely. I have however been able to train the muscles that are used in swimming with swimming cords which has been good but not the same!

There have been some notable improvements in my running with my pace and fitness building. I have introduced interval training and that speed work seems to be working. It has also enabled me to understand the relationship between cadence, pace and fitness. This month I ran my fastest 10km at 55 minutes and my fastest 5km at 26 minutes. There are not official race times but it is a good indicator of where I am at.

In cycling I was able to build on the leg strength work that has been done during the months before with some strong performances in turbos which has transferred to my sessions out on the road. My average speed outside has increased mainly from being more confident on the roads helped by less traffic. I did some hard interval sessions on the turbo this month and there has been a notable increase in the number of watts I can push over a longer duration.

I took part in the castle virtual series duathlon this month and was pleased with the performance.

I would’ve taken part in two events by now in the season and I would be now preparing for a half Ironman in Denmark for June. However, I am just happy to be training and being able to train more regularly without injury or pressure that these events can bring. Once this is all over and the world is back to normal again I can focus setting some goals. This isn’t important in comparison to what is going on in the world but staying fit and healthy is the goal during these testing times.

May will be more of the same in terms of training, hopefully I’ll be able to do a few sea swims if some of the restrictions are lifted. I will continue to run interval sessions and hard turbos.

Let’s see what happens. Keep safe all.

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