End of Season 2 – Start of Season 3


This season hasn’t entirely gone to plan. I missed Challenge Lisbon with a recurring injury meaning I wasn’t quite ready for the Standard Distance, then Vichy 70.3 was amended to Weymouth 70.3 as a result of an ITB problem and I missed Bournemouth Triathlon as confidence was low due to the recurring ITB problem.⁠⠀
I did however achieve my first Standard Distance Triathlon at Leeds Castle Triathlon – that was a non wetsuit swim on a very hot day, a very hot and hilly run. My cycle was the best I have done too with a PB for 5km, 20km and 40km on that day.⁠⠀
I completed the Hever Aquabike (1.9km bike and 60km swim) on a very wet morning in Hever and completed Ashburnham Triathlon at the start of the season.⁠⠀
I build from here and will definitely complete my first Ironman 70.3 next season along with many more standard distance triathlons. I have a new plan and working with the physio and coach we have worked out what has been causing the injuries. Winter is coming and training will support the process of being in a better place for next season. Good to be part of a triathlon community that is so supportive and encouraging. 3 years ago I was a lot heavier and unfit, I feel fit and on my way to where I want to be with swimming, bike and running.

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