7 July 2019 – Hever Castle Aquabike (1.9km swim, 60km bike with 1000m of climbing)

I completed the Aquabike at Hever Castle Festival of Endurance this morning. It was tough but I learnt a lot from it. I had a good experience overall.

I knew the cycle was going to be hard but it took a lot to overcome my fear of descending in rain with some sharp corners thrown in. I decided to just get through it and not to worry about times or take big risks. The rain was annoying given it’s been sunny all week (the sun came out after the race was over – even more frustrating) but I got through it. There is a point on the route where you see cyclist coming back on the loop to start their return, that was tough seeing them huffing up the hill as you are descending it quickly, you know you have to do the same in 15 minutes time! Mentally and physically challenging with a technical issue thrown in (my cleat bolt came off and I repaired it as best I could in the aid station). It rained a lot over night and this morning making conditions poor and dangerous. I was pleased to finish it. The time wasn’t great but who cares, it was good preparation for the future and I am still on a long journey that has already gone quite far. I enjoyed the swim albeit the river segment was very cold and narrow but my time was ok.

Great to have the family with me this week to provide support – loved seeing them as I left the water and on my return on the bike, it gave me a real boost. Onwards to the next. 3 events in 4 weeks and all completed.

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